Johnny Brusco, CrossDraw Champion and so much more

Here on this site will be the images of Johnny's life, from the early years up until current times. A biography is in progress! Keep an eye out for it around middle of December, 2020- it will make a great present for anyone (over 18) in your life. This picture is Johnny after a long night of killing zombie's- bet you didn't know that they were just around the corner did you?!

Check back often for updates, and previews of the upcoming book- and to see what Johnny is up to! A poll is coming to see if Johnny should become a Chinese Porn Star! So make sure to check back and take the poll!

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Update to Johnny Crossdraw!

Delays, Delays, Delays. However, the background work is fast, furious, (immense), and in progress. That means that changes will be happening on a more regular schedule now the steam is building for