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Update to Johnny Crossdraw!

Delays, Delays, Delays. However, the background work is fast, furious, (immense), and in progress. That means that changes will be happening on a more regular schedule now the steam is building for this roller-coaster! The date for the book release has been delayed, unfortunately.

But here are some of the upcoming things:

- The book is still in progress, just delayed a little bit.

- A new members only area that will have some really neat extra content that won't be found anywhere else!

- An audio book version

- A podcast with Johnny talking about excerpts from the book. (You'll want to become a member to hear all of the nitty-gritty!)

- Tons of pictures will be on the website and will be a great supplement to the book. It'll help add that flavor to see Johnny in action!

- We are working on being able to add current videos of Johnny in action! You'll get to see him drumming and doing the new CrossDraw! Watching him pull and fire is really a treat. And we promise- there will be no film trickery- he is that fast!

- We'll also have some of his old music recordings available for sale.

- And, we are working on autographed memorabilia that will be available for sale!

As you can see, there is a lot shaking right now. So stay tuned and check back often!!


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